How do I play the game?

Draw a card. Each card contains two questions. Start by asking the top question first. Then, follow up with the question below to deepen the conversation.

We recommend pairing the game with an open mind, active listening, and a respect for different opinions. The rest is up to you!

Here are our favorite ways to ✨spice✨ things up:
1. If a player opts out of answering a question, they have to make a confession (the more "off the record," the better).

2. Playing in a bigger group? Try a "speed dating" approach. Everyone numbers off (half of the group become ones and the second half become twos). Pair everyone up, so that each pair has a one and a two. All ones draw a card and all twos will answer the questions. Put the timer on for 2 minutes. After time is up, pair up with someone else and repeat until all ones have chatted with all twos!

3. If a player opts out of answering a question, they have to complete a dare!

Who can play?

Friends, strangers, family members, dates, colleagues, or just yourself – our game is safe to play with anyone and everyone.

Here's where we've played Off The Record:
- Networking Events
- Dates
- Family Dinners
- Parties
- Work-Related Outings
- On A Flight
- Weddings

We’ve even taken it to therapy appointments 😉

How fast will my order ship?

All orders ship within 1-2 business days. Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive a shipping notification including additional tracking information.

Once the order is picked up by the carrier, Off The Record unfortunately can't control the speed of your delivery. Please use the provided tracking number to check where your package currently is and to find out the estimated delivery date.

Please note: Delivery times might be slightly longer during peak season due to more orders being placed, carriers having more parcels to deliver, and other logistic factors such as bad weather. Thanks for your patience!

Do you ship internationally?

We do! While shipping to the US & Canada is free, international shipping is available for just $10 USD.

Additional duties and taxes may apply to your international order. Remember, all international shipments are FINAL SALE. Refusal of international shipments may result in a restocking fee and your shipping costs will not be refunded. Please note that Off The Record is not responsible for lost or damaged packages when shipping internationally.

What is your return policy?

Oh no! Something wrong? See below.

Card Game:
Due to the nature of the product, all card games are final sale.

We accept exchanges for any change-of-size requests or flawed product.

However, please keep in mind that all of our apparel is hand screened in Dallas, Texas and some variances may occur.

If you still have questions, send us an email to hello@playofftherecord.com.

Where can I watch the show?

Right now, you can watch real people play Off The Record on TikTok & Instagram. Type in the handle @playofftherecord and binge our mini-episodes! More updates are coming soon, so make sure you give us a follow 😊

I have a collaboration idea. Who do I contact?

We’re all ears! For all press/media and influencer inquiries, email us press@playofftherecord.com.

Can I sell your card game in my store?

We're honored to create relationships with select online & brick-and-mortar stockists. For wholesale inquiries, email us sales@playofftherecord.com.

Got questions? Send us a message!