"Off The Record was created to help people feel closer to each other, open ourselves up to the relationships we deserve, and reinforce that vulnerability is by no means a weakness. That's what it did for me!"

- Katarina Terentieva, Founder

Katarina Terentieva, founder of Off The Record

Meet Katarina Terentieva

Aka our founder. Her incredible journey began with a deeply personal mission – conquering the anxiety that often accompanies emotional intimacy in social settings. But what sets her apart is the way she's been using this system of questions long before founding Off The Record, during her career as a creative director.

Did you know that small talk makes up roughly of our speech?

It's a startling fact, but that's the world we live in. And despite making us happier people, meaningful conversations make up less than 50% of our interactions. Katarina recognized this all too well and understood the challenge many of us face in connecting with others (and even with ourselves) in our fast-paced, often isolating world.

Fueled By Human Behavior

Driven by the desire to bring people closer together, she embarked on a mission to create something truly unique. The result? The first-of-its-kind tool, carefully designed to support individuals on their quest to nurture genuine connections. By meeting people where they're most comfortable, Off The Record embraces small talk as the gateway to unforgettable conversations.

Igniting A Social Movement

For Katarina, it's not just about conquering personal anxieties; it's about redefining the way we connect, the way we communicate, and the way we truly understand one another. Off The Record isn't just a project – it's a movement, a commitment to empowering everyone to embark on a journey of authentic, meaningful connections to make us happier people. It's an opportunity to break free from the awkwardness and mental strain, to celebrate the beauty of vulnerability, and to embrace the magic of genuine connections in our increasingly disconnected world.

Unleash Your Inner Conversationalist

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