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Off The Record



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Off The Record is the first conversation game of its kind, helping you transition from small talk to deep conversation. Each round, one player will draw a card. Each card contains 2 questions. Ask the top question first. Follow up with the bottom question to explore the topic further. But be warned – you may get in your feels.

  • Comes with 45 cards, containing a total of 90 questions.  
  • Includes a booklet with more info on how to play. 
  • Safe to play with anyone in your life (no spicy questions here, promise!).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The perfect coffee table center piece ✨

We keep our OTR cards on our coffee table and it’s been the best decision yet! Whether it’s doing a round with my boyfriend, friends, or family, you end up having unexpected conversations. If you’re looking for a creative way to start some conversation outside of the basics like weather, work, etc. this is perfect!!

For Photographers!

I’m a photographer, and on shoots where I have multiple models who need to get to know each other before shooting, this game is an amazing warm-up! Definitely helps break the ice between the models so their interactions on camera feel more natural. Great ice breaker in general, and I love the option to choose the deeper questions if it feels right!

Demetrius w.
Cry, laugh, smile! You will do it all!!

Off the record has been really fun taking around to parties, vacations, & dive bars. It’s been really interesting seeing people deep dive into themselves & open up. From strangers to new friends. I recommend two of these games! One for your home and one to carry around in your bag!

Hanna Pak
Learned about my partner but also about myself

My boyfriend and I went on a getaway cabin trip where there would be no WiFi. I brought the OTR pack on our getaway so that we could have some activities to do. For back note, we had not been together for very long at this point. Went into these questions without knowing how much we would get out of it. Within the span of an hour we only got through 5 cards. We both learned so much about each other in a way that would not be possible w/o these questions. The questions are just so fun and interesting. They are structured in a way that starts you off with a almost easy to answer question but then follows with a question that makes you think about all the meat of who, what, when, where why of your answer.

Stop having boring convos! Eww!

Off the record has been such an illuminating and fun experience diving into convos that just do not come up during small talk with my friends and my partner! Such a versatile thing to keep in your purse! 🫶🏻